About Advantage

Established in 1994, Advantage Business Brokers is the leading
business brokerage firm on the Northshore area of New Orleans and
services the needs of business owners and business buyers  
throughout Southeastern Louisiana.  We specialize in providing
professional services in business brokerage, business valuation and
mergers and acquisitions.  Since the beginning, we have been
pleased to sell over 100 companies in our region ranging in size from
single person companies to multi-million dollar enterprises.  While we
have experience across a broad spectrum of industries and business,
Advantage specializes in service, retail, manufacturing, distribution and
restaurant businesses.  Our management team has nearly 30 years of
combined experience providing business brokerage, business
valuation and advisory services related to mergers and acquisitions.

How We Work

Prior to even accepting a listing, Advantage spends the time necessary
to understand the business.  We turn down more listings than we
accept during this process.  For those listings that we accept, we work
closely with the seller to develop a marketing plan tailored to the
individual needs of the listing.  For some listings, we do no advertising,
relying on targeted calling/personal contacts.  For listings we do
advertise, we advertise in multiple locations and in multiple media.  We
also have an extensive list of entrepreneurial individuals who are
searching for businesses to acquire that fit their acquisition profile and
an extensive list of professional investors who are looking to acquire

Our Goal

At Advantage, our goal is to create transactions that stand the test of
time, transactions that are mutually beneficial to both the buyer and the
seller on a long-term basis.
About Us
Advantage Business Brokers
a division of Novedo Business Services, LLC
1305 West Causeway Approach, Suite 214
Mandeville, LA 70471
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